Emotional Freedom Technique

eftlogo“EFT” also known as “tapping” is an emotional healing technique that uses the same meridian energy system as is used in acupuncture. Meridians are energy pathways similar to an invisible circulatory system that was charted thousands of years ago by the Chinese. According to many ancient healing methods, blocked or disrupted energy flow caused by emotional or physical trauma needs to be corrected to restore health and emotional balance. Instead of stimulating the points using needles, blockages are removed by tapping with the fingers on acupressure points while bringing to mind the pain or problem. EFT works quickly for some kinds of pain, as well as fears, phobias and other negative and limiting emotional states.  Addictions and certain complex emotional conditions may require multiple sessions and/or conventional psychiatric or psychological treatment by a licensed mental health clinician. For more information and testimonials on the use of the Emotional Freedom Technique and meridian based therapies, see . EFT is in use by millions of people worldwide. A license is not required to use, facilitate or teach EFT. It’s safe and effective, even for children or surrogate use on animals.

AIT, Advanced Integrative Therapy (Formerly Seemorg MatrixWork)

matrixwork1A traumatic memory can be defined as any incident in the past that when remembered in the present moment, brings up negative emotions and/or physical symptoms. The trauma can be situational, for example being the victim of a crime or fighting in a war, or it can develop into dysfunctional patterns that stem from childhood abuse or a dysfunctional family environment. Trauma can be at the root of many painful issues and patterns in relationships, destructive beliefs, compulsions, obsessions, addictions, weight problems and frequently manifests as physical problems, for example some cases of excema and psoriasis. Unresolved trauma can prevent the development of positive qualities like self-esteem and self-confidence, the ability to speak up for oneself, ability to set and achieve goals, spiritual growth, financial security and many other life circumstances. Unresolved trauma is painful for ourselves and those we love. AIT is a gentle yet powerful chakra-based energy healing modality that reaches the deepest cellular levels in the brain and body where toxic beliefs, emotional patterns and traumatic memories appear to be stored.

This work is a dynamic system that heals wounds of the psyche, body and spirit, restoring wholeness by unblocking and balancing the stored energy of trauma throughout the body, mind and spirit.

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TAT – Tapas Acupressure Technique

servicesTATTAT is a graceful, elegant, generally painless, gentle and non-traumatizing energy medicine technique. It works on specific as well as broad-spectrum issues. TAT brings relief from many allergic reactions as well as fears, sadness, negative, limiting beliefs, self-esteem issues and trauma. Like the other energy medicine techniques, TAT is good for just about everything. It’s a simple self-healing method that anyone can learn and use without any licensing or special training.  For more information, please see


Holistic Healing and Wellness

I network with other holistic practitioner all over the country who can work with clients by phone, as I do. To achieve health, which is essentially balance between body, mind and spirit, it’s necessary to know about natural ways of healing. My associates provide consultations in naturopathic medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, Chinese medicine and herbs, spiritual healing of supernatural interference, aka entities/demons, and much more on the alternative/complimentary/spiritual healing and wellness menu.

Intuitive Crisis Intervention

I am able to read the energy of situations, relationships and corporate issues as well as individuals. People sometimes call me when they’re in a crisis over having to make a decision that affects them or others.  A reading can sometimes bring hidden motivations, fears or other uncharted territory to light. I’ve consulted with a family conflicted about how to care for a disabled relative, for example. If there is any indication that a person I’m scanning is in need of medical or psychiatric assistance, they are referred immediately, or advised to be taken to the emergency room.  Although I’ve never had the opportunity to do so, I could probably help an attorney pick a jury. I can’t tell the future and have no information about the stock market!

Spiritual Healing

I couldn’t do what I do without a strong connection to the Divine. I was raised Catholic, and although I am not a practicing Catholic any longer, I am a Christian. I respect and honor all religions and consider them all as different paths to the same God. Readings come to me as spiritually guided dictation,( NOT automatic writing, which is an occult practice) which is probably why they’re so accurate and detailed.  That’s one of the mysteries of clairvoyance and the Biblical gift of discernment.  When a client and I get together in person or by phone, we say a short prayer asking that the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Archangels and any figures important to the client’s spiritual tradition assist us for an accurate reading that helps me to help them, and for everything in the session to be for their highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  No matter which energy healing/coaching  technique is being used, God is in charge of the session and how it all works out. Sometimes I am guided to pray for a person and let God do the healing.

Pass the BAR exam and heal test anxiety

Keep in mind that the body/mind speaks to us in metaphor language, which is similar to dream imagery. I’ve helped three law students pass the CA BAR exam, arguably the most difficult BAR exam in the country, and so far my score is three out of three. All three students had taken the test multiple times, 4, 5 or more, and kept failing, but passed on the next try after our work.  The intuitive scans on each of them revealed similar blocks that had nothing to do with mastery of the subject matter. One student had been adopted and was deeply wounded by an adoptive mother who constantly criticized, judged, rejected and “put her to the test,” which of course she could never pass. The student’s high anxiety about being “put to the test” by Mom and failing (to be the daughter Mom apparently wanted) transferred itself to failing another important test, the BAR exam. After we spent a few sessions neutralizing what Mom did and said to her, she passed.  Another student also had a critical mother who wanted her to succeed and make the family proud.  The student’s anger and resentment led her to subconsciously sabotage herself on the BAR exam because of a perception that if she passed, the mother would “win.”  Test anxiety is not difficult to release with energy healing. The students used EFT and TAT to self-heal in both of these cases.

Conquer the fear of flying

After digging myself into a hole in several workshops by asking for a demo subject to come forward with a “simple” phobia, I finally realized that phobias are like icebergs: the most dangerous parts are under the water; not necessarily subconscious, just not connected to the client’s awareness in terms of cause and effect . Phobias are nearly always metaphorical, so in order to cancel one effectively, one has to A) engage metaphor language to read the energetic signature accurately and B) apply EFT or another energy healing method to the part under the radar. I’m not a fan of psychotherapy techniques like prolonged exposure or desensitization for much of anything that is trauma related, especially PTSD and phobias.  Energy work does the job quicker, easier and without retraumatization.  A quick example: a woman came in terrified to fly. She had no prior bad experiences on a plane, was not claustrophobic and did not fear heights. The energetic signature and common denominator was sexual abuse. How? Being held down, (by the molester and the seat belt,) trapped, can’t escape, no control, and helplessness.  She did EFT tapping to release the molest memory and the fear of flying went away by itself. It was on the same circuit, but she didn’t know that.

Stop hoarding

I’ve been watching “Hoarders” and “Hoarders: Buried Alive” and find it absolutely fascinating to intuitively diagnose the energetic signatures that are driving these poor people to hoard. The most common thread in the episodes I’ve watched is loss, grief and the emptiness and anxiety that those memories create. There are various metaphors for hoarding: to build a wall of protection so high and so thick that no one can get in to hurt one again, to fill enormous emptiness due to the loss of a baby, child, parent, spouse etc.  Needless to say, psychotherapy has a dismal track record with hoarders; they can’t be talked out of their bizarre ideations, and pointing out the obvious, that they’re storing trash, only makes things worse. Many of the episodes have reported that after the cleanup is completed, they run back to the dumpster or the thrift store and fill up the emptiness once again. My approach is intuitive diagnosis to find out the root of that intense loss, emptiness and/or need for protection, and to empower the client to take control of their pain and heal it.

Heal phobias

See conquer the fear of flying.

Heal traumatic memories

The key to healing traumatic memories is to get to the root of them. In the video on this site, the Iraq veteran begins the process of self-healing his combat PTSD by first healing a memory from age 10 when he witnessed a murder/suicide. The aftermath of a suicide in Iraq triggered him into PTSD 10 years later. We all have a “hard drive” in our body/mind that has recorded everything that has happened to us since our soul incarnated onto this planet.  Is there a difference between one’s hard drive, the subconscious and the soul? Maybe. When I access someone’s energy field to do a reading on them, it appears to me that these aspects are woven together. Traumatic memories can be rooted in a past life, the womb, birth, childhood or any time on our lifeline. I find it endlessly fascinating that mental health clinicians send patients to me because they’re not responding to treatment, and through spiritual guidance, the client and I find ourselves rooting around in the 14th century prying them out of a dungeon somewhere. I can’t prove that past lives are real, and the concept is contradicted by the Bible (except the Gnostic version) but there it is. Find the past life trauma– heal  it– the client’s body/mind heals in present time. I suspect “past-life bleed through” in some phobias and some chronic patterns and habits.

Heal emotional roots of physical illness

In some cases, prolonged emotional trauma and stress will eventually cause the body to malfunction. When I do a reading, I also ask the client for a “trauma timeline” that I correlate to the chakra system and to any physical problems they may have.  A theme usually emerges that connects the bodily dysfunction with unhealed trauma at some point on their soul journey. I’ve read accounts of hypnotic regression into past lives, for example, where a person was attacked or even murdered by a blow to the head, and healing that memory releases their chronic migraines in present time. Not all physical problems are rooted in a past life of course, but again, the body/mind speaks to us in the language of metaphor. Here’s an example with back pain: Who’s on your back? Who betrayed you and stabbed you in the back?  Is your back up against the wall? Is no one backing you up/supporting you? (Keep in mind that support can be financial, physical or emotional.) When I interpret the metaphorical messages from a client’s body/mind, they are frequently momentarily stunned at the obvious message that they couldn’t see or hear until I pointed it out. Then the metaphors start flying and we are on our way to deep healing.