Spiritual Compass BookSpiritual Compass: Practical Strategies for When You Feel Lost, Alone and God Seems Far Away

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Spiritual Compass: Practical Strategies for When You Feel Lost, Alone and God Seems Far Away will resonate deeply with you if you’re like the millions of people who’ve been chasing healing, sometimes for years, but have not found it through conventional psychiatry or psychotherapy. Like a tuning fork, it rings true for the spiritual seeker as well as for those searching for healing from childhood trauma, panic, phobias, combat trauma, feeling “not good enoughhref” and a host of other difficult to diagnose and treat issues that may be rooted in a traumatic womb or birth experience or in another dimension such as a past-life or supernatural demonic oppression.

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It opens with an autobiographical account of the author’s own painful journey through the “Dark Night of the Soul,” a crisis that readers whose lives have been upended by a spiritual calling may recognize. Thirty eight channeled essays grounded in practical wisdom and practical strategies from the author’s nearly two decades of private practice convey unvarnished universal Truths with a capital “T.” Readers from any culture or spiritual tradition can relate to these Truths channeled by the author, a gifted medical intuitive, spiritual healer, teacher and trauma expert.

Part II takes us into the healing room to witness cases of food allergies and hoarding rooted in past-lives, eight years of panic attacks from a traumatic birth, a case of multiple personality disorder and 27 years of phantom limb pain in an amputee that released in one session.

The journey of self-resurrection is preceded by accurate self-assessment and followed by deep healing. As the journey comes to a close, clients arrive in present time centered, grounded and at peace, embracing their recovered identity, voice, and power. Readers will see themselves and others in this first of a series, which reveals the stark contrast between “counseling” and holistic healing.

This volume is at times startling, always direct and is peppered with nuggets of scriptural truth that support the journey of renewal of mind, body and spirit.

Here’s the book on Amazon

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Benedict Masilungan, M.D.


  • Part I: Appointment with Destiny

    • Introduction
    • Chapter One: Nowhere to Look but Up
    • Chapter Two: Spiritual Not Religious Meets Intuition 101
    • Chapter Three: Visionary Sight in a Near-Sighted World
    • Chapter Four: Channeling is Taking Spiritual Dictation
    • Chapter Five: Spiritual Combat with Demonic Forces
    • Chapter Six: Messages from Spirit, Practical Wisdom and Practical Strategies
    • Called
    • Coming World Events
    • Demystifying God
    • Fate
    • Finding Your Life Path
    • Finding Yourself
    • Forgiveness
    • God’s Canvas: A Living Work of Art
    • God’s Spirit: The Center of the Universe
    • Grace
    • Growth, Recipe for
    • Guidance
    • Health
    • Healing
    • Healing, Path To
    • Hospitals
    • Karma: Unfinished Soul Business
    • Love, Loss and Adventure
    • Love: When Lovers Part
    • Manifesting
    • Mysteries
    • Pain
    • Peace
    • Power
    • Reconciliation
    • Relationships
    • Religion
    • Rwanda
    • School Shooting
    • Self, Prayer and Faith
    • Seven Deadly Sins
    • Sin
    • Spiritual Ground Breakers
    • Spiritual Malnourishment
    • Structure of the Universe: Cause and Effect
    • Swimming Upstream, You’re Going the Wrong Way
    • Terrorism, Roots of
    • Transitions
  • Part II: Outside the Box: Practical Strategies When You’re Not Sure What to Do
    • Medical Intuitive Readings
    • My First Intuitive Reading: A Case of Multiple Personality Disorder
    • A Mind Shattered by Ritual Abuse and Overwhelming Terror
    • Chronic Stress from Dysfunctional Relationships Can Make Us Sick
    • Case History of Panic Attacks Rooted in a Traumatic Birth
    • Energy and the Soul: What Does the Research Say
    • Terrified of Abandonment from the womb
    • Quantum Healing: Past Lives and Phantom Limb Pain
    • Hoarding: The Metaphors Behind the Madness
    • A Case of Hoarding Rooted in Past-Life Trauma
    • Thirty Years of Phantom Pain Gone in One Session
    • Murdered for Stealing the Food from the Children: A Past-Life Knife in My Back


A Final Note

Pay it Forward


Resources for Self-Healing and Finding a Practitioner

Love: When Lovers Part
We wish to talk today about love. Love has a vibration and an energy that is made up of light, the same kind of light that makes up Spirit. When two people love each other, or when friends or a group of people are loving towards one another, the energy of love is flowing smoothly, embracing and enveloping and nourishing all involved. Love has such a high vibration that it has the capacity to heal, even in the physical. With enough love, any situation or condition can be healed or overcome. When lovers part, they should remember the love that once bound them together. If circumstances have changed, and they now find themselves with a need to move on, that doesn’t negate the love that was once between them. That memory of the love should be honored, and used as a tool to moderate the behavior of each partner at the time of separation. There is no need to be ugly and hurtful toward one you once loved. We find the dichotomy of this behavior absurd. This person was once the light of your life. Now that circumstances have changed, you turn your heart to stone against this person? This is an error. The Biblical instruction “love one another” is just that. It has no limits or conditions or circumstances.

Practical Wisdom:
Occasionally it’s necessary for me to ask for direct guidance during a session when a client gets stuck in some kind of emotional or spiritual impasse, or when I need guidance as to what to do next during treatment. I tell the client, “let’s stop and ask Spirit for guidance.” If they agree, we say a prayer and I start writing the spiritual dictation. The guidance below came during the middle of a session with a couple I had been working with separately and who were considering divorce:

“There are many kinds of love and the deepest love is forgiveness. The power to pardon and accept the frailties and wounds of others is a powerful healing weapon. We use the word “weapon” the way a surgeon uses a laser—to pinpoint the source of disease and eliminate it without affecting the healthy tissues around it. In the same way, a relationship that has been pushed off its foundation of love, trust and safety, (imagery of an ocean liner listing to one side) needs to be righted once again and shored up with renewed safety, trust and the willingness of each partner to be vulnerable and to move forward leaving the wreckage of this situation behind. One cannot survive a lethal virus if one moves out of the area of contamination yet brings the contagion along. The roots of feeling unsafe, distrustful and inability to be vulnerable need to be healed in both partners or else the venom will go on to wound the next generation.”

Practical Strategy:
Consider rethinking your attitudes about forgiveness—what it is, what it isn’t, why you should do it and why you’re not doing it. Forgiveness is not letting the party who hurt you “win.” It isn’t about deciding not to forgive because if you do, there won’t be any evidence of what they did to you. That’s an unhealthy strategy that traps you in a victim/martyr pattern. Holding a grudge to punish the other party tends to boomerang back to us in a karmic way. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase to the effect that not forgiving is like drinking poison and expecting it to kill the other person. There’s a difference between holding someone accountable, to require them to take responsibility for hurtful words or deeds, and going on a quest for vengeance. Stalkers operate out of vengeance. Men who kill women who leave them do it to punish their former lover for her rejection. In the Christian tradition, there is the verse from the Lord’s Prayer, “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others who trespass against us” and the Prayer of Saint Francis that begins, “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.” True forgiveness brings peace. In the chaos, cruelty and madness of today’s world, peace is a nice place to be.

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