Emotionally I feel Free For the first time. I don't feel defensive or reactive. Very present focused. X and I are very calm. Talking really well. I don't need him to love me. Consequently I am not manipulative with him. He feels the difference and is More open. We talk every couple of days. I'm living in the present and feel excited by life. Thank you Sue a 1000x

Due to traumatic childhood events, it was very difficult for me to trust others. The spiritually guided intuitive reading Sue did in our first session, knowing only my name and age, was so detailed and accurate I was stunned.  As an LMFT, I’ve done lots of work with talented colleagues, but none were able to get to the depth of consciousness that the EDIT Process did. It allowed me to deeply heal childhood trauma and resolve some lingering dissociation. The healing has held. I highly recommend Sue as a skilled and compassionate healer and teacher and the  EDIT Process as a powerful adjunct to any conventional psychotherapy.

— Linda Erwin-Gallagher, LMFT

It is my pleasure to recommend Sue Hannibal. I refer patients to her from my integrative medicine practice in Solana Beach, CA. Her intuitive readings have pinpointed difficult to diagnose issues and her subsequent emotional healing work with my patients has been invaluable to them and to me. Sue is of the highest integrity and skill and I recommend her services to my professional colleagues.

— Dan O. Harper, MD

As a colleague and patient of Susan Hannibal, I've had the unique opportunity to collaborate, share concepts of her work and also experience the amazing results from what she does. Sue's work has resulted in a profound shift of what I would describe as my inner state of peace, self-understanding and acceptance, a change that is seldom if ever achieved with traditional psychotherapy.

— Robert Scaer, M.D. Neurology and Traumatology Author of The Body Bears The Burden and The Trauma Spectrum

I have known Susan Hannibal since 2005. Sue is a gifted healer, teacher and author. I have referred numerous patients and friends to her, and been coached by her myself. I have attended several of her energy healing training classes for clinicians in which I've observed her work with my patients as well as class participants.

— JC Bobo, M.D. Chief Psychiatrist Clinical Neuropsychopharmacology Clinical Research Institute San Diego

Passed California BAR exam

I had major anxiety and trauma from a chaotic childhood and it was preventing me from passing the California BAR exam, but I didn’t know that was the problem. I hired tutors and tried to pass it four times over several years and kept failing. Then I heard about Sue, so after she did a reading for me by phone, I flew across the country to do a weekend healing retreat with her. We continued to do more work over the phone and when I took the exam for the fifth time in February I passed. Sue is a wonderful nurturing person and gifted intuitive healer. Working with her has changed my life. Thank you Sue!

— Name withheld

Test Anxiety: Passed the California BAR Exam

Dear Sue, I wanted to thank you so much for what you have done for me. I would not have passed this exam without you. Having taken this exam 5 times, you know what I went through. I am so glad to have this behind me. I highly recommend your work to everyone and in particular to people who struggle to pass exams for whatever reasons. It never occurred to me that my childhood issues would impact passing this test, but I’m convinced that healing those issues using your EDIT Process made the difference this time. You can post this on your site if you would like, although you don’t need it. I will call you when I catch up. Thanks again. Best

— Valerie

Childhood Trauma and Grief Healed

Sue- When I left your office after our first appointment I was shaken by my experience. As I have reflected on that day and on our work together I have become more impressed and even more grateful for your gift and your acceptance of the Holy Spirit’s direction. My response has been that the overwhelming experiences in my life have a different ending and a different meaning than before. I am grateful for that. My friends have noticed that I am laughing more often this week. Thank you.

— Name withheld

Finding a Voice Lost in Childhood

Hi Sue, Thanks for your note. It feels wonderful to feel like “I’ve graduated.” Never felt I’d be able to say that. Even though I had been through conventional therapy for years, I finally realized that there was another step I needed to take. My acupuncturist suggested that you would be able to help me. I was able to feel the layers of “crap” release during our sessions. We went step by step through the process. I was grateful that you were patient with me as I faced the fears of the past and realized that my parents were really ignorant in child rearing even though they’d had five children. They were not “child supportive.” I discovered when talking with one of my sisters after they had died that she had also gone through her stuff with them. Through this healing process I finally found my voice and the confidence to speak. Now I am beginning to really know who I am, keeping the rubble of what has happened at the bottom and using the tools you gave me to climb with courage up the mountain one step at a time. Gratefully with a hug,

— Judy

A Gambling Addiction Story

I admire your courage to try to change yourself just by visiting this website. I know of the pain you have endured. I was there. I have chosen to write this letter to praise and heartily recommend the work of Susan Hannibal. She helped me heal myself of a 30- year-old rape trauma and its ugly manifestation into a gambling addiction. I was unable to stop the compulsion, and it led to the disintegration of the very heart of myself, my values and self-worth. Something as simple as a visit to the grocery store could trigger the urge. If the total of my purchase had several sevens, it would send me into such an excitement and expectation of getting that one big jackpot I’d go directly to the casino. I would come home several hundred dollars poorer each time I went. I often thought to myself I could have gone to Europe several times and bought a condo there with the money I’d lost. The hardest times would be at dusk. I was ready to head out to the casino for the excitement of the lights and the exhilaration of seeing the people winning. I was lonely and under stress, and the gambling and excitement made me feel better, but it was a costly high. After just a few sessions with Susan, a skilled and compassionate intuitive healer, I am completely free of the emotional turmoil caused by gambling and the underlying feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem. Truly, because of this Emotional Freedom Technique energy therapy, the compulsion to gamble no longer controls my thoughts. I AM FREE AT LAST. I see the casino ads on TV with all the excited winners at the one armed bandits (appropriately named) and I have no desire to go there. The ads have NO influence on me at all. Thank you Susan, thank you so very much! Sincerely,

— Donna X.

Hi Sue, Thank you so much for helping me to heal the eczema. I’ve had it on my hands and various places on my body since I was about 5, and it’s been a terrible burden, very embarrassing and making me feel inferior and depressed. It really limited my life and the isolation was lonely and depressing. I went to work, but avoided dating and social situations. Your reading was spot-on accurate. I never realized how much the abuse from my father, neglect from my mother and their lack of protection from my older brother’s bullying, humiliation and abuse I felt was like torture, affected my self-esteem and health. I never felt safe at home; I lived in dread and anxiety until I finally fought back when I was big enough at 15. Thank you for giving me back control over my life.

— Mike

I have been a Social Worker for over 30 years. I have also utilized numerous methods to help me resolve the emotional pain of my past life traumas from conventional therapies to numerous “new age” modalities. And yet, when I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis, it felt as though my entire life combined with the physical pain, left me crumbling on all fronts and consumed with fear.   Through my search for effective treatment, I discovered Sue. From the beginning I have been amazed with her insight, her clarity, and her therapeutic skill. Although I am still moving towards full healing from my physical issues, I find the emotional pain and baggage I have been dragging around all my life has dissipated. I feel a sense of strength, clarity, and hope that I am not sure I have ever had. The depression and anxiety of the past are gone. I was simply looking for relief when we started, and instead I have finally found a genuine road to peace about my life. I’ll be ever grateful for her gifts, and her willingness to share those in service.

— Jane

This “Shifting the Paradigm” PTSD video is so inspirational for a new practitioner like myself. It’s a gift to have the opportunity to watch an experienced EFT master at work. Particularly I liked how thoroughly you test his comfort level after each issue you work with. Also I like that you let him, and the viewer, know that you use your intuition, like when you decided at the beginning of session one to first clear the murder/suicide from age 10 rather than the Iraq trauma. Thank you for sharing this, Sue.

— Merete Bohn Nielsen, Denmark

Hi Sue, Just a quick note to let you know I could tell there were positive changes right away from our 1st session. Felt/feel a bit lighter & freer, somehow. Also, WOW! I have been sleeping every night with no nightmares or bad dreams, and I previously had them almost every single night for the past several years. Now, I wake up fully refreshed, having actually “slept”. It’s been a VERY LONG time since I’ve known what that felt/feels like! So, really happy about that! I know I’ve got more to work on, but this is already very encouraging! I’m so glad I found you! Thanks for everything.

— L. T.

A Healing Miracle

On October 23, 2003, a miracle happened in my life. Actually, the miracle started on July 19, 2003 when I took the first steps in my healing journey with Sue. Using her intuitive gifts, our prayers together and energy psychology methods, she helped me clear layer after layer of pain and trauma. About 3 months into my work with Sue, an amazing thing happened. I realized I am precious to God. This absolutely turned my world upside down. It never even occurred to me that I could be precious to God. I spent my entire life afraid that people would find out how damaged and unlovable I was. I had continuously been told what was wrong with me, that no one would ever want me or love me, that I was stupid and worthless. How could I be precious to anyone, especially God? I was in shock! Every time I thought about it, I would start crying with joy and relief. Sue helped me remember how it felt to be precious and loved because my son is precious to me and loved beyond measure. What brings him joy, brings me joy. I took him to Disneyland when he was 3, and he was in such awe and full of joy at all the wonder. It was a magical day because his joy was so contagious. I remember that he REALLY wanted to ride Dumbo. There was an hour wait and I tried to talk him out of it, but he was insistent that we ride and it had to be the green Dumbo because that was his favorite color. I spent the entire hour praying that we would get the green Dumbo and we did. He was so full of joy and so happy!!! And I was so happy and full of joy to see my precious son so joyful. I am so precious to God that he wants me to have the Green Dumbo in life. My joy brings God joy. Isn’t that absolutely amazing and incredible? God wants me to be joyful and enjoy all that life has to offer! This knowledge is so opposite of what I grew up believing that my world was turned upside down. Nothing was the same. I saw myself and the world through new eyes. I took my dog for a walk in the hills above Napa, where I live. I have always enjoyed this area because I could look down at beautiful Napa Valley. But now I see it with new eyes. In the fall, the trails are brown and barren, but the hills and valley are rich with lush green vineyards. I realized for the first time, that even though I was walking in the barren land, the hills and valley were meant for me. All my life, I had thought the barren land was meant for me. The hills and valley were there all along, but I never knew that they were meant for me. I never knew that I deserved joy and goodness and that God wanted joy and goodness for me. To truly know this is the most incredible thing in the world! Thank you Sue for your guidance, skill and support. I AM special. Thank you, God.

— J.C. Napa, California